Welcome to TrendCents!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the TrendCents blog managed by me, Janelle 🙂
I founded TC in 2013, started out on instagram, then carousell and now I’m adding on a website for easier transactions for my buyers and content management for me!

My goal in setting up TrendCents is actually to create an outlet where Singaporeans, and eventually people in Asia can get access to U.S make up brands that don’t ship around the globe

Looking at all the famous YouTube gurus, most of them use brands and products that are not available in Singapore.Once you learn the skills and techniques from them, you need the tools to implement it!
This is where hopefully TrendCents can bridge that gap 🙂

If you noticed, about 90% of the make up sold here cannot be bought in Singapore. If you somehow find them in SG, they are marked up at a much higher price. #sglife

Thats the quick summary for the retail side of TrendCents in the ‘Shop’ tab. But other than just being retail shop, I also want to blog about some make-up tips, opinions and tricks I have relating but not limited to the products TC retails. This is because I usually get questions from people asking for my opinion on which concealer is ‘the best’ for under eyes, which Lorac palette is better, which eyebrow pencil matches the shape desired etc etc etc.

In the coming posts you can look forward to Lorac palette reviews and demos, mascara comparisons and more 🙂

Till then!


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