Lorac Pro 2 Swatches

Introducing the Lorac Pro 2 Palette!

Its the second edition from the original Lorac Pro Palette and features 16 amazing colours.

The top 8 are matte colours while the bottom 8 are shimmer colours. Pretty balanced palette I would say, good number of transition, highlights, deeps and lights.


I had this palette for about 2 months and initially struggled between Pro or Pro 2. Anyway I made the
pro 2 purchase and I have no regrets. I realized palettes in sequential order are not meant to overshadow the predecessor but to compliment them. I’m definitely lusting and getting the original Pro soon. LOL

I would say Lorac Shadows are my new favourite because of their colour payoff and intensity. I used to always reach for the Naked 2 but the shadows in it were too shimmer oriented and not that great for daily looks.


  • It has amazing amazingly pigmented colours.-The shadows feel reaaaaaally soft and give such a good colour pay off. They’re soft and easily buildable for more intense looks.
  • Beginner friendly
  • NECTAR!? Best colour ever. Love the soft glow it gives your eyes


  • Personally hate the packaging. Its like a smooth-wax-paper-cardboard sort of thing and doesn’t feel very posh for the $70 over people pay for it.
  • The Lt.Brown shade doesn’t suit my skin tone too much. A little too light and doesn’t add the depth I use it for. Because of this, I mostly use my bronzer (NYC Sunny) instead for the transition colour.

What I do with it:

  1. Buff for brow bone highlight#basicbitch
  2. Nectar for all over glow colour
  3. Now depending on the colour I’m feeling that day, I would change up the outer corner colour.
    For this particular look I used: Buff/Nectar/Mocha/Cocoa


Hooded/Mono lids. Yay…?


I went for a subtle look today. Just to get a little glow going. I was headed to the office only after all. (Maybe my next post should be on how people give you dirty looks when you’re too done up make-up wise… )

And here are a few fail-safe combos you cant go wrong with.

Feeling fancy:

  • Jade/Mocha
    “Oh so oriental”
  • Navy/Chrome
    “She’s like a sexy robo-cop”
  • Plum/Mocha

Hobo life:

  • Cocoa/Rosé
  • Rosé/Cool Gray

*I should note that if you are feeling like a hobo on the day and slap these babies on your lids you will definitely feel like the classiest hobo on the planet. Queen of Hobos I say.

Love the palette, more balance and pigmentation compared to the Naked 2 palette. Brought it to Singapore. Get them now @ www.trendcents.com/shop

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